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Yoenis Cespedes - Does BP in St. Lucie

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  • Yoenis Cespedes - Does BP in St. Lucie

    Latest On Yoenis Cespedes

    By Connor Byrne
    5 Nov 2019, 12:57 AM CDT
    It’s easy to forget about him after back-to-back injury-ruined seasons, but Yoenis Cespedes is still a member of the Mets. When the club re-signed Cespedes to a four-year, $110MM contract entering 2017, he was coming off his latest star-caliber showing at the plate, but it proved to be the first of three straight painfully short seasons for the outfielder. Cespedes played 81 games that year, 38 in 2018 and none this season. Heel and ankle problems kept Cespedes off the field this year, and the Mets aren’t sure when or if he’ll return in 2020, Matt Ehalt of Yahoo Sports relays.

    General manager Brodie Van Wagenen, who happens to be Cespedes’ former agent, said Monday it’s “too early to tell” about his chances of playing in 2020. There’s not “enough information to predict when he’s going to be back,” Van Wagenen added. As Ehalt points out, Cespedes’ up-in-the-air status only serves to complicate matters for Van Wagenen, who’s in a crucial second offseason atop the Mets’ baseball department, as well as the organization as a whole.

    With a $29.5MM salary, the 34-year-old Cespedes is the Mets’ highest-paid player. Because Cespedes’ contract is insured, the club’s in position to recoup 60 to 70 percent once he misses 60 days, Ehalt notes. But if the Mets don’t know how much time Cespedes will sit out in 2020, it could make it that much more difficult for a team that already may be spending above its comfort zone to invest money into weaker areas of the roster. Furthermore, there’s a case that even a healthy Cespedes would be superfluous to New York’s roster. The club’s in fine shape at both corner outfield spots, where it boasts Michael Conforto and Brandon Nimmo as regulars. Jeff McNeil, J.D. Davis and Dominic Smith (who looks like a trade candidate) also played those spots frequently in 2019 and more than held their own offensively.

    If there’s one place the Mets could upgrade in the outfield, it’s in center, though Cespedes wouldn’t be able to help there. And if Cespedes’ injuries and age make him a subpar outfield option in general nowadays, there’d be no clear place to put him on a team that has NL Rookie of the Year front-runner Pete Alonso manning first and isn’t part of a league that features a designated hitter.

    While the Mets were undoubtedly excited to re-up Cespedes three years ago after he opted out of his previous deal with the club, his presence has been disastrous for a large portion of the contract. Cespedes’ money could help prevent the Mets from improving their roster to the fullest extent possible this offseason as they try to break a three-year playoff drought in 2020.

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    My guess BVW will test the market this offseason, but buyer will wait until the trade deadline. As BVW doesn't seem to sell low. But by then, he probably is a big piece of the team pennant drive.
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      He has absolutely no trade value until he proves he can play so like it or not we are stuck with him until he plays


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        The only trades that would work are salary swaps for need. I see two potential fits, but highly unlikely.

        1) Acquire Wei-Yin Chen from Marlins and a prospect
        Why it works: Chen is due $38 million and the Cuban market in Miami would love to see Cespedes down there.
        Would I do it?: No, would rather collect on Cespedes' insurance in the event he doesn't come back from injury than be stuck paying contract of an aging, underwhelming arm.

        2) Acquire Kevin Kiermaier from Ray's Why it works: Cespedes would plug in as the immediate DH and the Mets get a bonafide CF to plug in regularly. Rays free up more future salary to add additional talent during the off-season.
        Would I do it?: In a heartbeat. This trade would make a ton of sense for both sides if Cespedes' insurance policy is transferable. Yes, Kiermaier has struggled offensively, but he is a top 5 CF in the game today and maybe with a change of scenery, he can develop the bat a bit better. The only true drawback is he's another lefty hitting outfielder, but perhaps one of Nimmo and Conforto get moved in another deal (Mookie Betts/Starling Marte anyone???)


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          Right now, Cespedes hasn't proven he is capable of walking without a limp. He has no trade value currently.

          If he comes back and plays poorly, he still has no trade value. If he comes back and plays well, you don't want to trade him. He's a Met for 2020.


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            They should trade Cespedes and Lowrie for Mookie Betts


            • West Coast Mets Fan
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              I think the Red Sox would insist on the Mets including Ramos as well.

            • mjjm367
              mjjm367 commented
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              Plus Bonilla's remaining money as a sweetener?

            • saxon
              saxon commented
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              I would not be against: Ramos, Cespedes and Lowrie for Betts...I might even sweeten the deal with Nimmo

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            Play Yo?

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He can't even leave his ranch without breaking something.

            Trade Yo?

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who is going to take a gimpy prima donna who hasn't played in two years?

            The best we can hope for is he stays out and the team gets insurance payment for his contract.

            Not that the assholes in charge are going to actually put it back into the team or anything.


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              The A-holes as you describe them are the same crew that gave Alderson the 25 M to sign Cespedes to the highest AAV for a position player and then Alderson gave him a 'get out of contract free card' so he could ink Cespedes to an even bigger AAV. Todate that is 80.5 M for 109 games over 3 years.

              The insurance money is part of the CBT of which the Mets are less than 20 M away from crossing the 20% penalty theshold. Spending that money would, I believe, result in it being counted twice thereby pushing the Mets into a luxury tax penalty.

              Will add; you are dead wrong by implying that the Mets don't spend money over the past 20 season they have been in the top 20% of the league 12 years and 4 seasons in the bottom half of the league while Alderson was rebuilding, the country was in a recession and Picard was after the Wilpon/Katz for 1 Billion dollars. The projected opening day 2020 CB payroll places the Mets 5th.


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                The problem is not how much they spend but how they spend what they do spend


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                  The top 5 is a misnomer once they get back the potentially 30M in insurance money from Wright and Cespedes. That said, they are regularly top 1/3 of the league when trying to compete. But compared to other NY teams across all sports, who are regularly top top tier in spending, the Mets tend to fall regularly short in comparison to the other big market spenders in the MLB.

                  And yes, the who has hurt the Mets regularly as I can't remember the last big contract to pay dividends (might have been Beltran)


                  • saxon
                    saxon commented
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                    that can be said for any team that signs FA...but, it is still something that teams have to do if they want to compete without relying on their farm system and center field cameras

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                  Not sure if this is good news or bad news.


                  • saxon
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                    an old Endy Chavez looks more like a pitcher than Oliver Perez ever did

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                  Yoenis Cespedes Appears to have Resumed Baseball Activities

                  by Jeff Todd
                  19 Nov 2019, 12:10 PM CDT
                  In a since-deleted Instagram video posted by minor-league Mets coach (and long-time former big leaguer) Endy Chavez, rehabbing slugger Yoenis Cespedes is shown taking batting practice.’s Anthony DiComo covered things via Twitter.

                  While this fleeting glance at Cespedes doesn’t really tell us much, it’s the first meaningful look at his progress in quite some time. Serious heel and other leg injuries cost Cespedes huge chunks of the 2017-18 campaigns and all of 2019. All told, he has played in just 119 games since the close of his strong 2016 season.

                  Cespedes has continued to hit when available, and he’s still being paid quite handsomely for one more season ($29.5MM), so the club has an obvious interest in getting him back on the field. At times it seemed a late-2019 return might have been possible, but there was never anything close to a run-up towards the majors.

                  GM Brodie Van Wagenen seemingly downplayed the likelihood of a significant contribution in 2020 when he addressed the matter recently, saying that lacks “enough information to predict when [Cespedes is] going to be back.” Of course, there is one other way to read that. The Mets understandably don’t want to set expectations and surely also would like to keep things quiet when it comes to negotiating with rivals and free agents.

                  All of that is to say: if indeed Cespedes is presently capable of swinging the stick, even if in a limited BP setting, that seems to be good and rather notable news. As I noted in discussing the Mets’ offseason outlook earlier today, the complexion of the outfield could look quite a bit different if Cespedes is part of the picture — especially if he can show enough to be relied upon right out of Spring Training. It’s not hard at all to imagine rather significant impacts on the team’s offseason maneuvering based upon the status of Cespedes, though certainly the organization will need to be wary of presuming too much about his health.

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                    One would think that if Cespedes is capable of playing next year and BVW holds to his word about acquiring a true CF, JD Davis, Nimmo or both are probably not on the roster.


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                      I think if Cespedes plays, it changes the decision and we likely do not end up with a true CF (but do get to keep all our top prospects for once...)