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Mickey Callaway - His First Year

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  • Mickey Callaway - His First Year

    As Mets Struggle, Can Mickey Callaway Take Media Heat?


    Watching Mickey Callaway trying to grin his way through postgame press conferences, after fiascos in Milwaukee and Atlanta on SportsNet New York, was painful.

    Listening to Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa on WFAN describe the Mets manager as an “odd guy” who doesn’t provide “real answers” is telling.

    Compared to Terry Collins, who brought his heart to the microphone, delivered the quote, and often openly challenged The Man, aka Sandy Alderson and the front office, Callaway is an “odd guy.” In front of a camera, he is detached with a case of hold-backitis. His answers are shallow.

    Callaway may be playing it close to the vest at the behest of Mets brass who had grown tired of Collins’ honesty and rapid fire verbal stylings. Callaway’s ability to keep a lid on things might be one of the reasons the Mets hierarchy hired him. Yet that doesn’t mean Callaway is fronting what will ultimately be a successful media strategy.

    “Are you tired of watching that horses--- managing yet?” one MLB TV analyst asked me before I could even get one question out.

    That might be an extreme take on Callaway. It does show how fast a rookie manager can lose the media’s benefit of the doubt. The dreck road trip, and the way he handled the bullpen, started the wheel turning in the wrong direction.

    On the Wednesday edition of SNY’s “Baseball Night in New York,” Nelson Figueroa was all over the way Callaway butchered the bullpen. He also reacted to other poor decisions by the manager. “It (his recent bullpen decisions) shows me it’s spinning out of control. The game is speeding up for Mickey as well,” Figueroa said. “…He has to take a step back and say: ‘Hey, I made a mistake,’ own up to it.”

    Not admitting a blunder is one thing, presenting a half-baked spin quite another. Callaway sometimes offers incomplete explanations that may be designed to protect players but are not always believable.

    Callaway is not at the point where he is claiming blue skies when it’s pouring out, but leaves us with a feeling he’s taken us on a ride and dumped us on a dead-end street.

    Like in the Monday postgame session, after the afternoon 4-3 loss to Atlanta. Callaway said he pre-planned using Seth Lugo, who eventually gave up the game-winning homer to Charlie Culberson, for a two-inning save if starter Jacob deGrom got through the seventh inning. If JDG had left earlier, Callaway said he would have mixed and matched and then had Jeurys Familia close. Callaway said in that case, Lugo would have pitched the first two innings of the second game of the doubleheader

    Jim Duquette, on the SNY postgame show, wasn’t buying Callaway’s explanation. He did, however, stop just short of calling it utter nonsense. Callaway eventually admitted that at the time, he knew about Noah Syndergaard’s finger injury and used Lugo for those two innings to stretch him out so he could replace Thor in the rotation.

    Even that reasoning sounded like jive, another excuse. Now the spotlight on Callaway, especially from those who have already started questioning his credibility, will brighten. The Mets manager better hope he can handle the media better than he’s handled his bullpen.

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        Mickey Callaway October 2017; Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' today. I want to be a part of it New York, New York.

        Mickey Callaway June 2018, All my bags are packed I'm ready to go. Do you know the way to San Jose?. Country roads, take me home to the place I belong, County roads


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          I'm not a fan of his moves, he's made plenty of head scratchers.

          Is it all him? Absolutely not, but he has not helped the situation much.


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            there was an interesting article on MetsMerized yesterday which basically implied that both Mickey and Sandy are puppets of Jeffpon; and that is why the same shit happens no matter what turnover we have in the front office, management, coaching, training staff, hospital...nobody makes a move without Jeff telling them what to do first...and referenced several articles over the years written by Sherman, Gammons, etc...


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              Jeffy Boy has his fingers in the pie?

              Color me shocked, he said, sarcastically.


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                I know that we aren't allowed to quote an article from the said blog here...but am I allowed to post the link?


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                  What I'm getting sick of is the lather-rinse-repeat news conferences.

                  How's that whole "we're gonna love our players more" plan working, Mickey?


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                    what do you really expect him to say? Sabermetrics doesn't work without talent?


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                      Something other than "we're trying really hard and are close."

                      One thing I can't stand is someone crapping on my head and calling it a hat.


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                        how about:

                        "We battled" or "The champagne will taste sweeter..."


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                          If he told the truth; "This is the best this crappy team Sandy gave me can muster", he would be fired faster than Willie Randolph without the plane ride across the country!


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                            He does not have to say that, but he can be more honest. Maybe show some emotion other than the wussy pablum he's been spewing.


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                              after the Yankees series, he plans to get together with the media in a healing circle, holding hands and singing kumbaya...