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2020 COVID-19 Rules - The Changes May Stay

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      whats COVET-19


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        A 2019 Corvette said with a southern accent??
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        You are aren't supposed to covet your neighbor's wife. Especially if she's 19.

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      Ripple Effects: How Mets would be impacted
      by lack of DH in National League in 2021

      Pete Alonso and Dominic Smith could be among those impacted

      by Danny Abriano, Editorial Producer
      8 Dec 2020, 4:30 PM

      With the offseason in full swing and just over two months until the scheduled start of spring training, there is still no clarity on whether the designated hitter will be utilized in the National League in 2021. And that is patently absurd.

      Earlier this week, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported that the league instructed teams to proceed as if there won't be a DH in the NL in 2021, but added in his next sentence that the two sides could still come to an agreement on it.

      Translation? The league and MLBPA are again jousting over conditions needed to implement rules, putting both front offices and players at a disadvantage. This nonsense will end at some point and there will be clarity, but in the meantime, NL teams are left to assemble their rosters while still being in the dark about the rules for next season. And free agents are left to play a game of musical chairs without knowing how many seats are left.

      For the Mets, not having the DH at their disposal would be a big blow that could have ripple effects up and down the roster both now and into the season.
      Let's dig deeper...

      The Pete Alonso/Dom Smith situation

      With Pete Alonso and Dom Smith, the Mets have one player who profiles as either a first baseman or DH and another who profiles as a first baseman, DH, or maybe a left fielder.

      With Robinson Cano suspended for the 2021 season, the Mets with the DH in tow would be able to use Alonso as the DH and Smith at first base (or vice versa) and direct their thoughts about roster building elsewhere. There might also be some at-bats at DH for J.D. Davis (more on him later).

      In a world where the Mets don't have a DH in 2021, what do they do with Alonso and Smith?

      Alonso would only be able to play first base, which means Smith would likely be in left field or on the bench. That is unless the Mets trade or bench Alonso, and both of those options are ridiculous. Alonso deserves to play every day and so does Smith.

      If you extrapolate Smith's 2019 defensive numbers in left field over a full season, he would've been worth roughly -10 DRS. That's not good, but it's playable if his bat is elite.

      But even if the Mets are comfortable playing Smith in left field regularly despite the likely defensive shortcomings, is there room?

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        I don't understand the backtracking when it is known the DH will be MLB-wide in '22.
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          Originally posted by Drucifer View Post
          I don't understand the backtracking when it is known the DH will be MLB-wide in '22.
          Part of the bargaining between MLB & MLBPA. It is one of several items that require approval from both sides. MLB wants expanded playoffs in 2021 for the added revenue. MLBPA wants things that benefit the players, like the DH. The two sides have to reach an agreement for any changes to take place. Like always, neither side is going to give in easy.


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