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  • Gavin Cecchini - Designate For Assignment

    Mets Designate Gavin Cecchini, Announce Justin Wilson Signing

    by JEFF TODD
    28 Jan 2019 at 1:54 PM CDT

    The Mets have designated infielder Gavin Cecchini for assignment, per a club announcement. His roster spot will go to just-signed reliever Justin Wilson, whose previously reported deal is now official.

    Cecchini, 25, was the 12th overall pick in the 2012 draft. Clearly, his development has not gone as anticipated at that time. He has appeared briefly in the majors, but has not yet come close to commanding a full chance at the game’s highest level.

    Perhaps it’s not too soon to give up hope on Cecchini, who turned in a pair of productive upper-minors campaigns at the plate in 2015-16 but has fallen off the pace since. The high-contact, low-power hitter scuffled a bit in 2017 and missed much of the ensuing season with a foot injury, though he hit just fine when healthy.

    For the Mets, there were obviously too many infield alternatives and too many other roster demands to hang on to Cecchini. One significant factor is likely the fact that he has largely moved over to second base from shortstop, limiting his pathways to the majors.

    At this point, perhaps, the smart money is on a future as a utility player. That said, there’s still some real potential value. And other teams may well think that Cecchini still has the tools to become a significant performer. With one more option year remaining, he could be a trade or waiver-wire target for clubs that have an under-utilized roster spot and want to take a shot.

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    interesting little tidbit/opinion from Cerrone...looks like the new guys may not see a lot of value in the guys that Sandy Alderson drafted:

    Davis was among several recently-acquired minor leaguers specifically targeted by new front office additions Allard Baird and Adam Guttridge as they continue to jettison certain prospects acquired under Sandy Alderson.
    I don't always agree with Cerrone's opinions, but I have questioned many of Sandy's draft choices over the years...

    According to multiple organizational sources, in addition to working out at a variety of positions in the field, the Mets plan to get a closer look at Davis on the pitcher's mound.


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      Now that Alderson has returned to Oakland, will be scoop up Cecchini? Is Balco still a short trip over the Golden Gate, if so maybe Gavin will lead the league with 60 dingers.


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        speaking of "unexplained" power peaks...Has anyone ever publicly questioned Kevin Elster's 1996 season with the Rangers?

        Elster played in the majors from '86 thru '00; yet:
        24 of his career 88 home runs came in this season (27% of his career total)
        32 of his career 136 doubles came in this season (23.5% of his career total)
        Career: 88 HR, .228 BA, 376 RBI, SS, Mets/Rangers/... 1986-2000, b:R/t:R, born in CA 1964
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          "unexplained" power peaks"
          Unexplained? It was the PED nineties , take a look at the ASG roster in 1996. Oddly Clemens didn't make the roster, but imo, he made arrangements to correct that and made the ASG in 5 of the next 8 seasons along with 4 CYA at ages 34-42. Elster move over to the dark side that season hitting 53 of his HRs. in his last 1170 ABs and 35 in his first 1670.


          • saxon
            saxon commented
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            yeah, it was pretty evident that GWB's and Sandy's teams were 2 of the bigger juicers in the league..."saber"metrix had some unnatural assistance, but people can buy into that moneyball nonsense if they are delusional

          • yogi8
            yogi8 commented
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            Drawing a blank, GWB?

          • saxon
            saxon commented
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            in reply to yogi's comment on my comment on his post:

            GWB: George W Bush...biggest idiot president, until the current one...he used to own the Rangers when the Rangers were juicers

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          Outrighted: Gavin Cecchini

          by JEFF TODD
          1 Feb 2019 at 5:00 PM CDT

          The Mets will retain the rights to former first-round draft pick Gavin Cecchini, who was recently dropped from the 40-man roster and seemed a plausible candidate to be claimed. Evidently, no rival clubs were intrigued enough to create the roster space that would have been required. Cecchini is still just 25 years old and has at times hit well in the minors, but he has never developed much power and was limited by injuries last year.

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            no range as a shortstop...but hey, he can take a pitch...nice waste of a 1st round pick


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              The first rounders haven't been great overall, though really it's the pattern for all teams. Projecting baseball players is really difficult. Remember the Reese Havens hype?



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                From 1965 todate (54 yrs.) the Mets have had, imo, pretty poor success in drafting difference making decisions; Matlock-67, Straw-80, Doc-82, DW-01, Harvey-10 and maybe Conforto? Four others had good careers, but not remarkable; Brooks, Backman, Burnitz and Preston Wilson.


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                  not a first - but dG was drafted


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                    Yeah I think you're just looking at 1st rounders there Yogi, no? I'm not sure about all players but obviously many I recall as first rounders.


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                      I know all teams have lots of prospects that don't pan out (which is why they're "prospects"), more than make it of course but this franchise has more hyped guys that just disappeared than many. Of course it's partly due to being New York but let's take a walk down memory lane, or more accurately Disappointing Prospects Lane:

                      Shawn Abner
                      Stan Jefferson
                      Danny Heep
                      Chris Donnels
                      Preston Wilson
                      Lastings Milledge
                      Reese Havens
                      Mike Pelfrey
                      Generation K
                      Alex Escobar
                      Jay Payton
                      Alex Ochoa
                      ...and for good measure Kaz Matsui just because

                      Of course the 70s were even worse for the farm system overall including draft picks and prospects in general. Sure some made it to the majors for some awful teams but never made much of a dent (see Jackson, Roy Lee who wasn't drafted but did sign first with the Mets).

                      Over the last 30 years or so there's really only been two periods of a fruitful farm system: the early/mid 80s (of course) and the last 5 years. If anything we're living in something of a glory epoch in Mets prospects now.