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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!

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  • Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!

    That's the sign over the visiting team entrance...high enough and in view of CCTV to prevent vandalism. At least it is if I were making the decision, because this team can and will beat any team. Brodie knows that and that sign would send the message to ownership, the FO, the locker room and fandom for anyone that is not yet invested.

    We have a first class rotation, a front to back shut down bull pen, we have an upgrade at C, two GG options in CF. We are deep in veteran leadership between Frazier and Cano. And we have a bench; Lowrie, McNeil, T d'A and either Broxton or Lags.

    How does that compare with the miracle team which opened with a bench of Tejada .266/.688, Recker .125/.452, EYJ .000/.111 and Mayberry .164/.545. It's laughable that the GM got Executive of the Year for that season. That was also the season we lost the 11th pick of the 1st round after signing Cuddyer for 2 yr. and 21 M.

    Walker Buehler was the 24th pick.

    That GM walked away mid season 2018. The 2018 Mets, a lesser version of today, over the final 82 played .549 ball after playing .400 under the final direction of the departing GM.

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    The difference in versatility is eye opening. Last year we had 1B for instance where we had A-Gone (Yes Gone, Thank God) and Smith, both 1B only and both bat left. This year you have Cano, Frazier and Lowrie that can all play 1B, one bats R, one L the other SH. Plus Smith L and Alonso R. Smith, JD Davis and McNeil can play all over the infield. Awesome.

    It remains to be seen if Calloway can mix and match all the pieces to the puzzle he has been given but with Riggleman waiting in the wings I am okay waiting to see.