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J.T. Realmuto - Is He Worth It?

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    For a catcher going on 30 that's a decent price. Nimmo/Conforto/Rosario would have been ridiculous. Realmuto is a very good catcher but he's not Johnny Bench.


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      Marlins aimed high and in the final analysis settled for less, yet they didn't give Realmuto away. Jorge Alfaro with 5 years of control seems to be an above avg. C with some power and a good arm and agility behind the plate..consistently ranked in the top 100 prospects.

      Will Steward 21-LHP, stepped up at A ball last season with a 2.06 ERA and 0.977 whip and good control. Sixto Sanchez gets the top billing with BAmer ranking him as the 13th prospect for 2019. Sanchez (20) pitched at A+ last season with a 2.51 ERA - 1.071 whip and good control, but only made 8 GS and 47 IP.

      In the NLE with the Braves, Nats and improved Mets and Phillies the Marlins will have a tough road to go...will they displace the Mets record for ineptitude of 120 loses in 1962?


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        I could be wrong, yogi knows other teams prospects better than me...but it seems like the Marlins got much less for their prize catcher than they were trying to extort from the Mets...


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          it's definitely less than the asking price back then. But I don't think the net gain was under market as I mentioned earlier. I think both teams struck a fair deal.


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            They asked for too much initially but they got talent that could help them (and will be cheaper longer). Sanchez would seem to be the focus, with serious potential at a high risk with the shoulder. I'm rooting for him to make the majors just so Sixto Lezcano has some company in the MLB annals.