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    Mets COO Jeff Wilpon on Payroll: 'It's absolutely opened up'

    Wilpon also discussed whether team would pursue Bryce Harper or Manny Machado and a possible insurance settlement with David Wright

    4 Dec 2018, 1:22 PM

    As the Mets look to further reshape their team after landing Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano in a blockbuster trade with the Mariners, it sounds like they'll have some extra payroll to work with.

    "It's absolutely opened up," Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said Tuesday about the payroll heading into the 2019 season. "And Brodie understands the parameters that we're working within -- be it trades and obviously this one is pretty neutral in terms of dollars when you look at what we're getting back and the salary relief. But also the ability to do other things with some of the insurance money."

    Wilpon also noted that the Mets had recently non-tendered Wilmer Flores, freeing up even more additional money.

    On a potential injury settlement with David Wright and their insurance company, Wilpon said the sides were talking.

    "Ongoing conversations with them. The biggest thing is -- see if we can work something out where he can come off the roster so we save another player potentially."

    "You don't get it all back at once necessarily," Wilpon added about the insurance money. "But over time we plan to get that back, and some of that would go back to payroll, certainly."

    Wilpon added that the Mets also have insurance on Yoenis Cespedes, but that it's "a little bit less than David's."

    When asked whether expanded payroll could mean a run at the big free agents like Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, Wilpon directed questions to Van Wagenen, who he suggested was exploring all avenues.

    "You gotta ask Brodie that," Wilpon said. "He's got his fingers in everything right now. I haven't seen anyone with this much drive and determination in a long time."

    According to Cot's Baseball Contracts, the Mets' 25-man roster Opening Day payroll in 2018 was $150.5 million after being $154.4 million in 2017.

    The Mets' 2019 25-man roster payroll, accouting for expected raises via arbitration, is currently $135.9 million.

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    Since Jeff commented here, I'll place my comment here instead of elsewhere...

    Jeff mentioned that part of the reason for the Cano/Diaz deal was about blocking the Phillies from getting Diaz...

    I think that we all know that the Nats are still the kings of the NL East, even with losing Bryce Harper...but the Braves and Phillies showed last year, that they could both be dominant teams with just a few minor tweaks...

    Will the Mets ownership group choose to open up the wallets to prevent the Phils or Braves from acquiring those "tweaks"?

    If the Mets were to spend to sign a Bryce Harper, that would prevent the Braves, Phils, Nats from getting him...and then would free up moving Conforto/Nimmo to fix other areas of need, such as Realmuto and/or a bonafide Center Fielder...

    whether we like the idea of moving Conforto and/or Nimmo, the bottom line is that they are both young, cheap, productive and very attractive in trade talks...a corner OFer is probably the easiest position (other than 1B maybe) to replace
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      having said that, I think that signing AJ Pollock and someone like Wilson Ramos is more likely than signing Bryce and trading Nimmo/Conforto for Realmuto...

      Side note: Pollock grew up in Connecticut...he was 10 when the Mets acquired Mike Piazza; and still in high school when the Mets signed Beltran...Red Sox still hadn't won anything since they traded away Babe there is a likelihood that he grew up either a Mets fan or a Yankee fan...not that would influence who he signs with, just food for thought
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        I know it's a perpetual long shot but I'm starting to get a little more optimistic about signing one of the big guys. Machado just fits too well for him not to be in serious consideration.


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          believe it only after I see it. Just too unlikely. And personally, if he does, I hope its Machado.


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            Gotta agree with Fang. Would love to see us swimming with the big boys, but just cannot believe it till I see it.