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    As a sports fan of limited interest this time of the year is akin to Dante's ninth circle. A month until ST games, 6+ weeks until March Madness. Todays Newsday sports section, as edited by Dante dedicated 9 pgs. to Football, 5 to Basketball and 4 to Hockey and 2 to Baseball.

    But there was one article regarding Mariano's unanimous election that contained a sentence which I am sharing with FANG to save him time spent in futility.

    The article written by Eric Boland and I quote " As just about every ballot is made public now - the vast majority are disclosed by voters, the Hall doesn't compel it".

    FANG, I didn't post this as a 'I told you so', honestly. Just as a find that answered a doubt.

    If Newsday is available, the piece is a good read, also worthy of reading is the piece on Ron Santo, whose wife, Vicky received the call from the Hall announcing that he was selected by the VC 1 year and 2 days after he passed away.


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      VC aside (I personally would close down that commission as I think their use has passed), maybe its legends of old weighing heavier than the mortals of today that I get to watch, but it just feels like today, when it gets to 10th year, they are search for reasons to let someone in vs whether he belongs as part of the cosmos.

      Anyhoo. Appreciate the 2nd post, knowledge is a good thing, so thanks for sharing