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Tim Tebow - What Will His 2019 Be Like?

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  • Tim Tebow - What Will His 2019 Be Like?

    Here's Why Tim Tebow Might Be Worthy of a Mets Roster Spot


    Nov 7 | 4:45 PM

    Speaking on Tuesday, Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen would not rule out the possibility of minor-leaguer and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow making the team's Opening Day roster in 2019.

    Frankly, my initial reaction to this comment was laughter and a gigantic eye roll.

    In terms of his baseball talent, Tebow is developing well for a prospect. The thing is, he's 31 years old and has yet to get an at-bat above Double-A. This alone is reason to doubt his upward mobility. Then I stopped laughing, though, and remembered this past spring training and the impact Tebow had on camp and, I thought, you know, maybe Tebow on the Mets in 2019 is not that crazy...

    Van Wagenen's comments aside, Tebow is most likely to begin this coming season with either Double-A Binghamton or Triple-A Syracuse. He had been hitting .273 with six home runs and 46 RBI in 84 games in Double-A before ending his season early with a broken bone in his right hand.

    In February this past spring training, then-Mets GM Sandy Alderson made a similar statement to what Van Wagenen said.

    "I think he will play in the major leagues, that's my guess and that's my hope," declared Alderson.

    The next day, Mets manager Mickey Callaway said the team planned to evaluate Tebow like anybody else in camp. That said, I can't shake the look in Callaway's eye and the intensity with which he watched Tebow's one and only press conference during Spring Training.

    Tebow had already started his Q&A with reporters, all of whom were locked in on the former Heisman Trophy winner. I happened to be in the back of the room where Callaway slipped slowly from the doorway to the clubhouse, leaned alone on a wall in the back of the room and studied Tebow like Indiana Jones debating the removal of a long-lost treasure...

    I could be creating fan fiction, because I can't be in Callaway's head. But, to me, he didn't look like a guy in awe of a football sensation, nor did he look like a casual viewer. He was paying attention to something more than a coach watching a potential fourth outfielder.

    To his credit, Tebow lost 15 pounds prior to last season by switching his workout routine to better fit the requirement of a baseball player. He said he also hired a full-time hitting coach to help rework his swing.

    "The goal is to get to the major leagues, for sure," Tebow said during an appearance earlier this year while promoting his book on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. "No one thinks I can do it, but I love trying to prove people wrong so I'm excited about the challenge."

    Tebow received an invite to major league Spring Training this past spring and it stands to reason, especially given Van Wagenen's praise, that Tebow will be in St. Lucie again this coming February.

    His swing is fine, a little aggressive, but his ability to strike the ball can be impressive. He trucks in the field like a running back and scrambles on the base paths like he's being chased by a defensive end. In other words, he has talent, I guess, and he may even improve, but -- to be honest -- how he hits and runs has absolutely nothing to do with his true value to the organization.

    In my 11 years experiencing Mets spring training, I have never seen dozens upon dozens of human beings react to another person the way people reacted to Tebow.

    For instance, like the handful of no-name players did a few minutes before him, I watched Tebow finish hitting BP during a routine session in St. Lucie. Like his teammates, Tebow helped collect baseballs, tossed them in a bucket, and packed up his gear. However, unlike any other player to ever walk these grounds when moving from one field to another, Tebow was magnetically mobbed by fans, some of which were screaming and -- literally -- crying. I'm serious, as if he was a deity in blue and orange, like he was Michael Jackson in the 80s, he turned a casual, care-free crowd in to a frenetic, unhinged mess by simply walking from one point to the other.

    It wasn't just fans. Media swarmed, snapping pictures. I even saw a legendary, well-respected ESPN reporter (who I will not name so not to embarrass him) rush over, snap a picture, walk away and, after looking at his phone, he smiled with glee texting it to a colleague or friend. Again, this was new to me...

    On the other hand, while impressed and taking pictures, I couldn't stop laughing. Not because it was comedy, but because the whole super-quick and violent 30 seconds were so damn unique and fascinating and entertaining and bizarre. Two years ago, I walked this exact same stretch with Mike Piazza, who is as close to Mets royalty as you can find, and he didn't come close to receiving this level response. Like I said, the whole thing was fascinating.

    I want so badly to join the chorus of skeptics that hover above Tebow's entire career. But, I can't, because -- much to my desire to feel otherwise -- I left last February feeling thankful that he's in the organization. Because -- as crazy as it sounds -- I actually think his personality, positivity, and passion alone may be worthy of a roster spot.

    The fact is, he has developed legit relationships with teammates, most of whom grew up idolizing and being inspired by him as a college football God. I have no idea what any of that means to a major league baseball team, especially as it pertains to winning and losing and helping teammates be better and more productive versions of themselves. However, I'm thinking maybe Alderson, Callaway and Van Wagenen do. And, sooner than later, we may too.

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    Mets GM Van Wagenen Clarifies Comments About Tim Tebow and Opening Day

    Tebow will likely start the season with Triple-A Syracuse


    Nov 8 8:45 AM

    On Tuesday, GM Brodie Van Wagenen would not rule out the possibility that Tim Tebow would be on the Mets' Opening Day roster.

    Van Wagenen seemed to simply be covering all bases, speaking in generalities about a host of topics. But on Wednesday, he clarified his comments about Tebow, saying the full expectation is that Tebow will start 2019 with Triple-A Syracuse.

    "Knowing Tim Tebow, if you say he can't do something, he's just going to work that much harder to try to prove you wrong," Van Wagenen said. "But for Tim our full expectation is that he will start in Syracuse. That's a great next step for him. Clearly he had his season cut short last year, so his momentum was stopped a little bit, but I have every expectation that he will pick that momentum right back up."

    Tebow showed progress in his second minor league season in 2018 before it was cut short when he broke the hamate bone in his right hand in July, ending his season.

    He hit .273/.336/.399 in with six home runs and 46 RBI in 84 games for Double-A Binghamton, and earned a spot in the Eastern League All-Star game.

    "Like any player, they go into camp with the hope that they can impact the club in that particular season and I think I would want encourage Tim to take that mindset," Van Wagenen added on Wednesday. "Not that I am expecting him to make the team out of camp, but like I said, he's a guy that is fueled by challenges and I think we're excited to get him back into camp and hopefully after a trip to Syracuse, he can prove to us and everybody in baseball that he can make an impact in the big leagues."

    Van Wagenen previously represented Tebow before accepting the Mets' GM job.

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      him being at AAA should be a good publicity stunt to win over the Syracuse 2012, they were stuck with Bryce Harper for 21 they will be blessed with a real baseball god in Tim Tebow


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        Based upon the quality of the farm system, there aren't many players that will turn the turnstile...Alonso...maybe Andres Gimenez. Syracuse is not within driving distance of Fla. or the bible belt, I don't think that Tebow will be the same draw as he was in Columbia or PSL.

        Tebow's first exposure to pro ball was the AFL and the source of fan disappointment and derision, but he has grown at each stop since then. Exceeded expectations...absolutely, but is his ceiling MLB worthy? Doubtful. TT is 31, and while there are players that can produce well into their 30's...Verlander, Beltran, Teixeira, Utley, Votto and Greinke etc. Those players were established AS players long before their 30th birthday.

        Could Tebow legitimately reach the MLB, considering the Mets OF...possibly. Besides Conforto, Nimmo, Bruce, Cespedes and Lags the Mets also used;


        D Decker..........0...........5
        T Kelly.............091.......1

        A collective -1.4 WAR
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          I would have thought Tebow to the majors at any point would have merely been for show. But if the collection of dreck that yogi just listed deserved a shot, then why not Tebow if he produces at AAA.


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            So far his 2019 is not good:
            The latest Tim Tebow Stats, Video Highlights, News and more from
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              It's too early to call he has met his wall as so far he has had a slow start on every promotion. But if he's still below the Mendoza line by the June draft, I would say his baseball career has come to an end.
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                Originally posted by Drucifer View Post
                It's too early to call he has met his wall as so far he has had a slow start on every promotion. But if he's still below the Mendoza line by the June draft, I would say his baseball career has come to an end.
                just because he's not MLB material and never was, doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with him playing minor league baseball...but next year, he may find himself reflecting on his past sports choices with 2020 vision


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                    The level of competition is increasing, and so is Tebow's age.

                    But I have to admit, I have gone from "you're kidding, right" to genuine respect. He isn't doing it for the money, and certainly not for the praise, as he is an easy target for someone taking a cheap shot. And any fan adulation he is getting, he has already earned elsewhere.