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Brodie Van Wagenen - His First Year Starts with a Bang

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    Originally posted by jeffmetsfan View Post
    Brodie has the right mentality. He wanted to pick his guys for catcher and reliever. Now that the major missing pieces are depth, he will wait until the market sets itself.
    don't disagree with the notion as long as they keep their finger on the pulse of the reliever market. If the pieces start to fall, you don't want to be caught in the clearance aisle and end up with that Hawaiian shirt that you didn't really want, but bought because you didn't go to TJMaxx to leave with nothing!


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      Over the last several days the Dakotas, Minn., Wisc. have been hammered with blizzard conditions and deadly temps. I can imagine that many folks in the upper mid west have laughed at the idea of Global Warming. Meanwhile over on the east coast annual rain fall rose by...37% for 2018 on LI and by excessive amounts up and down the coast while arid condition prevail in the west.

      It is human nature, two people can look at the same circumstances and data and reach radically different conclusions. Someday we'll know who was right and wrong.

      Eight years ago Alderson took the reins of a team heading into a tear down at a time when the ownership was under financial assault. Fan expectations were minimal. The contracts were traded and the farm system underwent due diligence. Other than one miracle moment the eight seasons the eight years were a study in stagnancy.

      It is now a time of expectation and BVW has been on the job for less than ten weeks. BVW inherited a team with capable players and weaknesses, he has addressed weaknesses with an upgrade at C and added two effective arms to a BP that ranked 28th in the ML. CF has been a weakness and could be again, but if there is no logical solution, can that be held against him? IMO Pollock is not a solution, he is another potential weakness.

      Both ownership and BVW claim that money is still available to improve the team.

      It is human nature, two people can look at the same circumstances and data and reach radically different conclusions.


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        Nice preamble

        Luckily we won't have to wait 8 years to see if there was more money available or not...

        Another of those high level relief pieces has dropped. The Phillies didn't let having a closer and a consistent 8th inning guy stop them from getting some depth in the most volatile position... RP


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          Can someone explain to me why I am no longer the biggest pessimist on this forum? Who am I and what have I done with myself??!!


          • yogi8
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            "Do not set aside your happiness. Do not wait to be happy in the future. The best time to be happy is always now.” Roy Bennett

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          Think its the lack of Vitamin D here in winter NY...


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            Milk, drink lot's of milk, straight from the tap whenever possible!

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          Drew's Sig


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            Big talk, but when all is said and done it was a typical Mets offseason, IMO.

            One big move, some small things, dumpster diving, and a whole lot of "if we are healthy and everything breaks right" bravado.

            I don't see much difference between this year and every other year, no matter who the GM is.


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              Big talk, but when all is said and done it was a typical Mets offseason

              When was the last time that the Mets had the defensive strength up the middle that we have going into 2019? A BP with 2 AS closers, a CY at the top of a rotation that is unequaled in the league. Find the thread 'Abandon All Hope' and reflect back to Alderson's Exec. of the Year opening day bench. That was the bench in his 5th year as GM.

              Different team, different attitude and different GM running the show. We had 24 players on the DL last season and still played .549 ball from July 1 on.