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    Mets Notes: Maldonado, Realmuto, Aldred

    2 Dec 2018 at 10:15 PM CDT
    • The Mets were linked to Martin Maldonado in early November, though talks “haven’t materialized” as of yet between the team and Maldonado’s camp, the New York Post’s Mike Puma writes. Catcher remains a position of need for the Mets, though they’ve already seen one trade target (Yan Gomes) get dealt to a division rival in Washington, while their impending trade of some top prospects in the Robinson Cano/Edwin Diaz deal could mean New York doesn’t have the minor league depth to acquire J.T. Realmuto from the Marlins. Puma wonders if this means the Mets could circle back to Yasmani Grandal, another player that drew some early interest from the Amazins as the free agent market opened.
    • In regards to Realmuto, the Mets and Phillies may not be realistic contenders for the catcher’s services, as the New York Post’s Joel Sherman hears from an official with the Nationals or Braves that “Miami is not trading him in the division.” It had previously been surmised that the Marlins’ huge asking price in a Realmuto trade was what turned D.C. and Atlanta to alternate catching solutions (i.e. Gomes, Kurt Suzuki, and Brian McCann), though it stands to reason that the Marlins could’ve wanted a particularly big premium in order to send Realmuto elsewhere in the NL West.
    • The Mets have longtime Yankees minor league pitching coach Scott Aldred on their list of bullpen coach candidates, according to Puma (Twitter link). Aldred is currently working a roving pitching coordinator in the Yankees’ farm system after spending the previous decade as a pitching coach at multiple minor league levels, including a lengthy stint at Triple-A.

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      Mets Brass On Cano/Diaz Trade, Next Steps

      by JEFF TODD
      4 Dec 2018 at 11:49 AM CDT

      The Mets held a fascinating press conference today to introduce recent acquisitions Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz — players who the organization clearly sees as major pieces of the club’s next winning roster.’s Anthony DiComo was among the reporters to cover the festivities; all links below are to his Twitter feed unless otherwise noted.

      New Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen offered soaring thoughts on the occasion of his first major move with the club. “I stated that this organization intended to be relentless and fearless in the pursuit of greatness,” he said. “This trade should be a signal to our fans that words alone will not define our franchise.”

      Getting a deal done was spurred not only by the team’s own direct interest, but also by a desire to land Diaz before the Phillies could do so. COO Jeff Wilpon indicated the presence of the division rivals in the bidding helped drive the talks. The Phillies ultimately balked at including their best young pitching in a deal for Diaz, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports (subscription link). Ultimately, they struck a separate deal for shortstop Jean Segura.

      Van Wagenen explained further that an “all-consuming” push over the past ten days or so led to a deal. Though Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto had said he was “inclined to hold onto Diaz” and “told us no a number of times,” the Mets “kept staying on it, kept trying to be aggressive on it” and ultimately made a match after batting around numerous deal possibilities.

      Unsurprisingly, the addition of an aging but still-excellent player in Cano and a top-shelf young closer in Diaz seem to portend yet more acquisitions. As Van Wagenen put it, the Mets “did not make this move to be our last move.” Wilpon went into further detail, offering up some internal perspective on the club’s status. The team’s own analytical staff see this move as taking the club from an 83 to 84 win team to one that is a true-talent, upper-eighties outfit. With “a couple more things,” he suggested, “maybe we can be 90-plus.”

      As ever, payroll remains a factor. This deal is cash-neutral for the 2019 season, though it does add future dollars. And as ever, there’s an opportunity cost — in this case, long-term spending capacity and the loss of young talent. But the Mets evidently feel they can continue to boost their competitiveness.

      Wilpon chatted about the Mets’ financials, explaining that the ongoing efforts to work out a settlement on the insurance coverage for David Wright will hopefully soon result in a deal. Even if the funds won’t come in a lump sum, “some of that will go back to payroll.” Meanwhile, though the coverage on outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is said to be a “little bit less” than the 75% coverage the Mets have on Wright’s salary, there could be some funds flowing back for his absence as well.

      It’s still not clear how high the Mets will go in an Opening Day payroll. The club has yet to crack the $155MM barrier to start a season, though even that mark would seem to leave room to spend. Of course, there are still quite a few obvious needs on the roster — as we covered in breaking down the Mets’ offseason outlook. Most notably, the club has a variety of bullpen openings to account for and could still pursue upgrades in the outfield, behind the dish, and perhaps also in the infield mix.

      One possibility that has popped up on the rumor mill in recent weeks is a trade involving starter Noah Syndergaard, presumably with intentions of adding multiple youthful assets who could join a still-developing core. The early explorations evidently have not shown promise of resulting in a deal, however, as the Mets now say they are strongly leaning against moving Thor. Per Van Wagenen, only under “very special circumstances” would he “even consider” trading a pitcher who, at his best, is among the top hurlers in all of baseball.

      Needless to say, there’s tons to digest from this presser. Taken in conjunction with the trade itself, it sets up the Mets for a fascinating upcoming trip to Vegas for the Winter Meetings.

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        Latest On Trade Market For J.T. Realmuto

        by STEVE ADAMS
        4 Dec 2018 at 5:35 PM CDT

        Trade chatter surrounding J.T. Realmuto will persist throughout the offseason following the definitive declaration that he won’t be signing an extension with the Marlins. While the Marlins reportedly have a preference to trade Realmuto outside of the division, Andy Martino of SNY writes that the Mets are looking into Realmuto now that they officially have Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz on board. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, in fact, reports that the Mets reached out on Realmuto earlier today and are being “aggressive” in their pursuit (Twitter links).

        Newsday’s Tim Healey tweets that the belief is that the Mets would have to include at least one young Major Leaguer in order to pry Realmuto loose from Miami, and Rosenthal suggests the same. (The Mets subtracted a pair of high-end prospects from its system when trading outfielder Jarred Kelenic and right-hander Justin Dunn to Seattle in the Cano/Diaz swap.) Martino speculated that Amed Rosario’s name could come into play, and Rosenthal adds both Brandon Nimmo and Michael Conforto as the type of talents that could pique Miami’s interest. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Mets would have any actual interest in dealing from that promising young trio. More specifically Fancred’s Jon Heyman tweets that Rosario and Nimmo would be Miami’s top two targets in talks.

        The Mets already tendered contracts to both Kevin Plawecki and Travis d’Arnaud, though either could be traded elsewhere or designated for assignment anyway, should the organization land an upgrade in the form of Realmuto. (Speculatively, either could also be sent back to Miami as a short-term stopgap in the absence of Realmuto.)

        Elsewhere in the NL East (which, to this point, has been the runaway most active division in terms of offseason activity), Craig Mish of SiriusXM tweets that the Phillies have inquired on Realmuto but are considered to be a long shot. The Phils presently have Jorge Alfaro and Andrew Knapp as in-house catching options now that Wilson Ramos is a free agent, and they’ve been aggressive early this winter, already acquiring Jean Segura and James Pazos from the Mariners.

        Mish also suggests that the Braves have inquired on Realmuto, although both David O’Brien of The Athletic and Heyman have tweeted otherwise. O’Brien indicates that he was somewhat bluntly told there’s no validity to the report that Austin Riley and Mike Soroka have come up in discussions, while Heyman reports that the Braves haven’t even engaged on any serious Realmuto talks this winter. O’Brien further adds that the Braves have shifted their focus to adding a corner outfielder and shoring up the pitching staff (Twitter links).

        Looking outside the NL East, Jon Morosi of tweets that the Rockies have checked in on the catcher — although talks between the two sides, to this point, have failed to progress. Colorado would make a perfectly logical landing spot, though, given that none of Chris Iannetta, Tony Wolters or Tom Murphy stands out as an obvious front-line option. The Rockies also have plenty of young pitching — much of it MLB-ready, which would surely be of interest to the Marlins as they continue to build for the future.

        It’s worth remembering, too, that the clubs here likely only represent a fraction of the market for Realmuto. Heyman notes that 14 teams have inquired with the Marlins about Realmuto this winter, and while clearly not all of those clubs will be particularly aggressive in their pursuit, the sheer volume underscores how many teams view the All-Star backstop as a potential difference maker. A trade isn’t necessarily guaranteed, but it’s likely that Realmuto’s value is at its apex this winter. The Marlins surely know that their time with Realmuto is limited following comments from agent Jeff Berry and, per Mish, a pair of rejected extension offers of four and five years in length (both at prices that are nowhere near Realmuto’s actual market value).

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              per Jon Heyman:

              marlins like rosario, nimmo and/or conforto in Realmuto talks. talks are real, but mets seem resistant on rosario

              like I said before...not crazy about moving Rosario...and working what CMF mentioned into this equation...

              Mets say to the Marlins: we want Realmuto;

              Marlins say to the Mets: you don't have the prospects for Realmuto, but we like Rosario and Conforto;

              Mets counter: we aren't giving up Rosario and you won't be able to afford Conforto once he hits arbitration; but shortstop prospect Andres Gimenez is younger, faster and a better shortstop than Rosario, and Nimmo really proved himself last year...

              Marlins counter: Gsellman, Nimmo, McNeil, Plawecki and Gimenez for Realmuto, Magneuris Sierra and Miguel Rojas...
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              • saxon
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                while I realize that none of those names have the "star" power that Conforto or Rosario have; they are all young controllable players that fill various holes in the Marlins depth chart...and Nimmo is a lot like a young Christian Yelich, who had many fine seasons for the Marlins before his monster 2018 in a Brewers uniform

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              That is a lateral move at best. Kluber is 33
              Yes age is a factor, but a more dominent factor is ability. Syndergaard is a talent still in the making and is strong headed enough to ignore medical advice. Syndy also declined last season in Ks? while his BB and whip went up and has of yet pitched 190 inn...last season he totaled 155 IP. Always thought there was a streak of Harvey in him....maybe that goes with mythical nicknames?

              If 2019 is a go all in season, I think that Kluber is a better bet than Thor to get there.

              The Syndergaard talk has ebbed so trade talk may be moot.



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                did you know that one of the big factors in trading Nolan Ryan was his propensity for developing blisters on his pitching fingers? Noah Syndergaard has a propensity for developing blisters on his pitching fingers...Word to the wise: Don't trade Thor for Jim Fregosi...once he figures out his blister situation, he'll have 300+ strikeout seasons with multiple no-hitters; whereas Jim Fregosi will still suck...


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                  Marlins counter: Gsellman, Nimmo, McNeil, Plawecki and Gimenez for Realmuto, Magneuris Sierra and Miguel Rojas...
                  The Marlins are years away from contending and that could be longer with the Braves ready there and the Mets getting very close, Nats retooling and the Phillies with money and legit players already on board. Which would make Nimmo as an piece the Marlins don't need at this point, unless they would then flip him.

                  Yes, we want Realmuto, but Nimmo and McNeil are part of a ready to win team players. Sierra and Rojas offer nothing.

                  With Cespedes missing half the season at least and Bruce dealt we have Conforto, Nimmo and the ever dependable Lagares to cover the OF and no help on the farm.

                  With Flores, Agone and Bruce history 1B goes to Smith by default unless Alonso sends Smith to Syracuse. Neither is an answer for the OF.

                  With Cano-Frazier and Rosario anchoring the IF, trading McNeil empties the bench with a major drop off to Guillorme, Cecchini or TJ Rivera

                  I don't think that package would be enough to get Realmuto, but if we did get him the collateral damage to the roster would be felt all season.


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                    The ‘core group’ Mets GM wants to protect in J.T. Realmuto chase

                    By Ken Davidoff
                    4-5 minutes

                    December 5, 2018 | 8:29pm

                    When it comes to their pursuit of J.T. Realmuto, how the Mets choose their bait will determine their fate. In light of that, their wheeler-dealer rookie general manager sent an interesting signal to the Marlins and other potential trade partners Wednesday:

                    The core is sacred.

                    How sacred, we’ll soon discover.

                    “We’ve got a core group of guys,” Brodie Van Wagenen said, as he, Jeff Wilpon and Mickey Callaway joined WFAN’s Mike Francesa over 90 minutes. “… We’re starting to look at a pretty long runway to be competitive. For us to move any of those guys off of a big-league roster, we don’t want to create holes somewhere else. That’s why I talk about trying to be additive, not pulling pieces away.”

                    In listing the Mets’ core, Van Wagenen identified seven players with three or more years of control: New acquisitions Robinson Cano (five years) and Edwin Diaz (four), as well as Seth Lugo (four), Robert Gsellman (four), Amed Rosario (five), Brandon Nimmo (four) and Michael Conforto (three).

                    The last three names ring particularly relevant because that trio has been discussed in talks with the Marlins for Realmuto, Miami’s All-Star catcher who clearly wants to be traded. While the Mets are seriously considering Nimmo as a centerpiece, as The Post’s Joel Sherman reported, they do not appear open to trading Conforto, who revived his career with a strong second half in 2018. And it would be difficult to find someone to replicate the shortstop Rosario’s ceiling as he, too, improved notably in the second half.

                    “We like his speed. We like his power,” Van Wagenen said of Rosario. “He’s got a high motor, as we call it.” Furthermore, Van Wagenen said, he likes the idea of Rosario and Cano teaming up the middle, with Rosario benefiting from Cano’s experience and Cano drawing energy from Rosario’s high motor.

                    “He’s like [Jose] Reyes was back in his heyday, and he’s going to continue to improve,” Callaway said of Rosario. “He wants to learn. He wants to be better. He can play every single day.

                    “… There’s still going to be some swing and miss this next year. There’s still going to be some chase. But he’s getting better and better, and that’s what you want to see from a young player. … I think the sky is the limit for him.”

                    Van Wagenen acknowledged, “I think we have one too many left-handed bats in the middle of the lineup to not have a righty to offset it,” and that’s why a trade of the lefty-hitting Nimmo for the righty-hitting Realmuto could be more palatable; the general manager has publicly acknowledged contact with free-agent center fielder A.J. Pollock, who hits right-handed and could replace Nimmo.

                    When discussing the Mets’ historic midseason plummet last year, Callaway said, “The thing that hurt us the most is when we lost our catchers [Travis d’Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki] in back-to-back days. … The catcher is a huge position, as we all know, and we’re taking that into consideration this winter.”

                    The Marlins have myriad suitors for the 27-year-old Realmuto, who has two years left before free agency (and who was represented by Van Wagenen until the Mets hired him away from CAA), and they have exhibited a reluctance to trade him within the National League East. Nimmo as a centerpiece might not suffice, especially because the Mets weakened their farm system with the trade of pitcher Justin Dunn and outfielder Jarred Kelenic to Seattle as part of the package for Cano and Diaz, and therefore don’t have many secondary pieces to offer.

                    Nevertheless, Van Wagenen quickly has made clear his doggedness. The Mets, it seems, will be right in the mix for Realmuto until the situation resolves with Realmuto going elsewhere, the Mets acquiring someone else to catch or Realmuto trying on a Mets uniform.

                    With Mike Puma

                    When it comes to his pursuit of Miami Marlins catcher J.T. Realmuto, New York Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen identified “a core group of guys” he'd be very reluctant to part with.


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                      Originally posted by yogi8 View Post

                      The Marlins are years away from contending and that could be longer with the Braves ready there and the Mets getting very close, Nats retooling and the Phillies with money and legit players already on board. Which would make Nimmo as a piece the Marlins don't need at this point unless they would then flip him.

                      Yes, we want Realmuto, but Nimmo and McNeil are part of a ready to win team players. Sierra and Rojas offer nothing.

                      With Cespedes missing half the season at least and Bruce dealt we have Conforto, Nimmo and the ever dependable Lagares to cover the OF and no help on the farm.

                      With Flores, Agone and Bruce history 1B goes to Smith by default unless Alonso sends Smith to Syracuse. Neither is an answer for the OF.

                      With Cano-Frazier and Rosario anchoring the IF, trading McNeil empties the bench with a major drop off to Guillorme, Cecchini or TJ Rivera

                      I don't think that package would be enough to get Realmuto, but if we did get him the collateral damage to the roster would be felt all season.

                      Great analysis Yogi. I agree.

                      On a side note, I wonder if the season starts with Frazier at 1B and McNeil at 3B until such time as they deem Alonso is ready to step in.


                      • yogi8
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                        Alonso has little left to prove with the bat, and the glove is what it is. If holding him at Syracuse for 3 weeks to avoid a year of service, then that could play. What to do with Smith, besides hang onto him for depth?

                      • West Coast Mets Fan
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                        Smith goes to Syracuse as insurance and depth

                      • NY FANG
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                        opening day is a long ways away boys and girls, lots can happen. For all we know, Smith lights it up...

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                      29 GM's will be attending the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas with their credentials of years in the position or a position earned as the gopher/aide/assistant for a successful GM, the exception is outsider Brodie Van be known as BVW from now and in perpetuity.

                      The trade for Cano and Diaz bought him some creds, but he's had to share the media attention with heavyweights like Cashman - trade for Paxston, Antropoulos - signing Donaldson. Mike Rizzo trading for Yon Gomes, signing Kurt Suzuki and snatching Corbin away from the Yankees and Dombrowski resigning Eovaldi. Add in; Matt Klentak ridding the Phillies of Santana for Segura and Mozeliak adding Goldschmidt to the Cards roster.

                      BVW's trade improved the Mets, just as the others have done for their clubs and in doing so minimized BVW move.

                      What do I expect... BVD sets foot in Nevada he will close another headliner deal. Realmuto would be great, but I don't believe we have the chips to sit at that table, this deal will take folding money (TY Jeff).

                      How about AJ Pollock 4 yrs 60M. That is an AAV below the QO of which Pollock received but rejected. At his best Pollack would have been signing a 20-22 M dollar/yr contract, but Pollock hasn't been at his best for some time and even then his best was one full season. Over the last three seasons of his prime he has missed 250 games and those 3 season bear no resemblance to his outlier season.

                      Pollock fills a need for the Mets in CF, but like Lagares he doesn't stay on the field. This will not happen now...Pollock sees himself as the poor mans Harper and will wait out the market waiting for the money he will never get.

                      Adam Ottavino, 33 is my expectation with a 2.43 ERA and 0.99 whip with a league leading 34 Holds in 78 IP and a excellent 17% Inherited runners score. Ottavino also avg. 13K/9 and a 0.6 HR/9. With a ample field of quality RPs, I believe that players will be quick to sign and money will be reasonable for all but Kimbrel. 4 yrs- 12 M per.


                      Zack Britton 31, is a LHP which will be a nice add along with Ottavino. Britton is coming off two under the radar seasons with the Orioles and Yankees , few Svs or Holds. 3.00 ERA, 1.37 whip (Increased BB/9). Like Ottavino Britton also restricts inherited runs (13%). 4 yrs. 10 M AAV.

                      Lugo, Ottavino, Britton and Diaz...The Final Four


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                            using OPS hides Nimmo's/Conforto's issues with LHP...which is primarily low contact rate & high strikeouts; The 2 combined for 108 strikeouts vs LHP in only 297 At Bats (when they weren't drawing walks, they weren't making contact in over 36% of those At Bats);

                            Nimmo had a .234 batting average with only a .391 Slugging Percentage & 49 K's in only 128 At Bats;

                            Conforto had a .249 batting average with 59 K's in 169 At Bats;
                            but at least he didn't lose power vs the LHP (.473 Slugging Percentage vs LHP):