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Inexperience Defense is not to blame for a 2-1 loss in 13 innings

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  • Inexperience Defense is not to blame for a 2-1 loss in 13 innings

    If your team is tied 1-1 in the 13th inning, you can't blame the loss on the inexperienced's the ballpark and the offense that are to blame here...great hitting team on the road, anemic offense at home...get rid of this piece of shit ballpark already

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    Mets left fielder Dominic Smith collided with shortstop Amed Rosario on a pop-up that led to the game-winning run to score in the top of the 13th inning in Monday's 2-1 loss to the Giants.


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      get rid of this piece of shit ballpark already
      On the chat box I put up a line about Citi being cursed-built on an ancient burial ground....and you believed it?

      Easy big fella, it's not the ballpark. 2015 .605 ball at home... .571 ball in the post season even with losing the final two at Citi. Last night we ran into a good pitching, banged into 3 DPs and made 3 errors.

      If there is a curse, it might be Dom Smith. The once upon a time heir apparent of 1B...showed up out of shape. Act-2...benched for showing up late on opening day, then later interrupts a ballgame with his clown routine. Hitting .196 is not resume material either. From little league on DS has played ball for 15 years and some LF with the Mets and at Vegas...he has to know that on that play there is a SS in the area. Clear your path early, often and loudly, if you are going to run the red light at the same time geriatric residents are crossing the street on a field trip you need to blow the horn early, often and loudly....same principal. At about 80 pounds heavier than Rosario and under full gallop we might have lost more than a game last night.

      Ultimately, a manager is responsible to put a player in a position to succeed, with Smith that might not include a baseball field.


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        my point is...a team shouldn't be tied 1-1 in the 13th inning...

        At home: .213 batting average; .338 slugging percentage; .628 OPS;
        199 runs scored; 142 XBH (49 Homeruns);
        24 wins; 38 losses;

        on the road: .256 average; .433 slugging percentage; .768 OPS;
        324 runs; 215 XBH (79 Homeruns);
        30 wins; 32 losses;

        and this isn't just this year, or do to the injuries;
        last year the OPS was almost 60 points lower at home;

        and the last year that the OPS were tied or in favor of home was 2011 when the Mets had a .726 home OPS with a .725 road OPS (and that was done with a large number of doubles/triples, not HRs)...this was led by Reyes with 16 triples and 31 doubles (Beltran also had 30 doubles)


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          the way this offense fails at Citi Field reminds me of the 1978 Mets which was led by:
          Willie Montanez: 17 Homeruns;
          John Stears: 15 Homeruns;
          Lee Mazzilli: 16 Homeruns;
          Steve Henderson: 10 Homeruns;
          (overall, not just at home)...

          that season's home/road splits:
          Home: .238 average; .343 Slugging Percentage; .653 OPS; 37 Homeruns;
          Road: .252 average; .360 Slugging Percentage; .678 OPS; 49 Homeruns;
          and even then, they hit better at home than they are this season, just for less power


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            Complete splits including home/road, lefty/righty, clutch situations, vs. opponent, by month, by role, and many more


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              There has been an air of doom for some reason in this park from day one.


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                rumor has it that one of the construction workers was a Phillies PHan and buried a Phillies jersey underneath the stadium

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              Back to the premise of the thread...

              If the offense scores more than ONE DAMN RUN IN 13 INNINGS, then the dropped fly does not happen. There's your problem.

              not to defend Smith totally, he should have played it better, but still.