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GM Hunt - And It's Brodie Van Wagenen

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    This is being portrayed as outside the box thinking but if he has to rely on the three guys left over from the Alderson regime to do his job and the field manager and his staff remain in place, how outside the box is it?


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      Latest On Mets Front Office Transition

      by JEFF TODD

      November 1, 2018 at 9:50 AM CDT

      Andy Martino of recently tweeted that current special assistant to the GM Omar Minaya would stay on in some capacity. Minaya’s specific role and job title aren’t yet known, but Mike Puma of the New York Post tweets that he will be a “top adviser” to Van Wagenen.

      Two other top baseball executives, assistant GM John Ricco and special adviser J.P. Ricciardi, are still in limbo. However, the team has advised both that “they are wanted back,” as Puma puts it. Whether they’ll choose to stay with the team, and if so in what capacity, isn’t known. Puma noted recently (on Twitter) that Ricciardi “has multiple years remaining on his contract.”

      Adding context to the Mets’ peculiar new situation, the Athletic’s Tim Britton explores how the specific responsibilities might shake out by speaking with three NBA GMs who made a similar transition. None is a perfect analog for Van Wagenen, however, and it’s still unclear exactly how the new GM will structure the Mets front office. Still, the picture is beginning to take shape. In his introductory press conference yesterday, Van Wagenen made it crystal clear that the Mets will be looking to “win now.”

      Meanwhile, yesterday was the final day of Sandy Alderson’s contract with the Mets, as Martino observes. The veteran baseball executive had remained at least loosely involved with the organization despite stepping down from daily GM duties owing to medical needs.

      Now, Alderson is moving on as the team turns the position over to Van Wagenen. Fortunately, Martino writes, Alderson has a “good” prognosis in his cancer recovery. Whether or not he has any intention of aligning with another team isn’t clear, but Alderson does “plan[s] to continue to work in baseball in some capacity,” per the report.

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        He will undoubtedly have a learning curve now that he is on the inside looking out, but he has the sabermetric tools of analysis of talent which will help him plug into his function of building a winner. The farm may be a weakness, but he has a plethra of talent on the big club.

        FYI; Baseball Digest has the Mets at 38-1 for the WS, but they are ranked in the upper half of the ML


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          Granted, the Mets went out of the box for this hire. And are getting a lot of flak for doing so. Read an article earlier today (NY Post I think) that made me wonder. Yankees hired a manager with absolutely no managing or coaching experience straight out of the broadcast booth. Why were they no subjected to as much questioning as the Mets?

          And before the excuse is raised "Well, the Yankees have a record of success", may I point out that the Yankees haven't made the WS for 9 years. The Mets, 3 years.


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            the media in recent years has done a lot of hating on anything Mets related...and the same media that ran Matt Harvey out of town, would welcome him as a Yankee with open arms