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  • 2018 Trade Rumors - All Trade Talks Now Closed

    MLB Trade Rumors:
    Why Yankees Should Give Up Miguel Andujar
    for Mets' Jacob deGrom

    Posted June 18, 2018 at 08:01 AM | Updated June 18, 2018 at 09:26 AM

    Jacob deGrom to the Yankees chatter won’t go away.

    Last week, Jon Heyman of FRS Baseball talked to officials on both sides about the potential of a deal going down before the July 31 trade deadline. The idea of it actually coming to fruition seemed bleak, partially because of who the Yankees could be unwilling to offer in a deal.

    The suggestion made at least in broadcast circles was that the Yankees should trade wunderkind infielder Gleyber Torres for deGrom. But as to that, one Yankees person said it won’t happen for two reason: 1) They’ll never trade (deGrom) to us, and 2) We’re not trading Gleyber Torres or Miguel Andujar.

    In the case of Torres, the Yankees are correct. Brian Cashman understands what he has—and what the repercussions would be.

    But as far as Andujar? That’s a different story.

    Here’s why the Yankees should be willing to offer the 23-year-old for deGrom.

    DeGrom is worth it
    Let’s start with the obvious: Jacob deGrom is one of the 10 best pitchers in the sport right now and likely will be for the next few seasons. Since debuting in 2014, deGrom owns a 2.81 ERA across 768 innings. We’re talking about a dominant and durable starter that can’t hit the market for two more years.

    Thin pitching market
    If, say, Michael Fulmer, Chris Archer or Marcus Stroman were having great seasons, perhaps a younger starter with more long-term appeal would be there for the Yankees to bid on. If the Giants actually seemed willing to engage on Madison Bumgarner, perhaps deGrom would be pushed down a peg on the pitching market.

    For now though, the No. 1 (potentially) available arm is clearly deGrom.

    Plenty of stars under control
    Part of the the Yankees’ thinking on not surrendering Andujar likely has to do with keeping costs down with young, pre-arbitration eligible players. That will allow a big foray into free agency at some point soon, likely for the missing piece to a dynasty.

    But the Yankees already achieved an organizational reset. With Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, Greg Bird and Gleyber Torres, New York has enough stars slated to make relatively little money in upcoming seasons.

    Plate discipline
    This is a long-term worry. Heading into play on June 17, Andujar had worked just nine walks in his first 230 plate appearances in the big leagues. That went along with 41 strikeouts. While the strikeout rate of 17.8 percent is very good for a young hitter, Andujar has a long way to go before becoming a complete hitter.

    Brandon Drury
    Most teams don’t have this luxury. The Yankees could ship Andujar off in a trade for a top starter, call up Brandon Drury from Triple-A to man third base and not lose a ton. Sure, Andujar’s extra-base power will likely not be replicated by Drury, but the former Diamondback can handle the position.

    Manny Machado
    Let’s think about the Yankees like a puzzle that’s being built for today and tomorrow. Swapping Andujar in a deal for a pitcher like deGrom helps the 2018 Yankees get closer to winning the World Series. Then, by opening up a spot on the left side of the infield, the likelihood of pursuing Manny Machado in the offseason increases. That would make the Yankees even better for 2019 and beyond.

    Yankees-Mets blockbuster?

    Reality of AL hierarchy
    Don’t be fooled by how good the Yankees have been so far this season. In a typical year, trading any part of a team that entered play on June 17 with a 46-20 record would be crazy.
    But this isn’t a typical year.

    With the Red Sox (49-24) and Astros (48-25) both profiling as outrageously good teams and the Mariners (46-26) forcing their way into the conversation, the Yankees will need to be a super group to simply get to the World Series.

    Track record
    Let’s take a look back at Andujar’s minor league slash line. Across six seasons in the system, Andujar posted a .274/.323/.412 mark. While some of that came at very young ages and against older competition, it doesn’t jump off the screen. There’s a reason this player wasn’t even ranked among the top-50 prospects in the sport before the season.

    Cashman's trades
    If—and there’s no indication yet—Cashman decides to include the current Yankees third baseman in trade talks for deGrom, Yankees fans should trust him. The Yankees have made a habit of trading away young players over the years in deals, but very few have turned out to be stars. Will Andujar be a good big leaguer? Most likely. Is he a future all-star and MVP candidate? Likely not.

    Joe Giglio may be reached at
    Follow him on Twitter @JoeGiglioSports. Find on Facebook.

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            The only way the Mets trade one of their aces is if they internally decide that neither player will sign an extension and commit to a serious rebuild for the next 3 seasons. I’d be very surprised if they feel that way. However, I could see them go in another direction and move a shorter term asset in Zach Wheeler who is probably pitching at his highest value ever. Wheeler is set to become a free agent after the 2019 season. He could bring back a similarly controllable reliever and middle infielder in trade (think Jeremy Jeffress and jonathan Villar).


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              While I would hate to go through three or more years of a drastic rebuild; it would be better than this forever journey through mediocrity. That is as long as someone other than Alderson is at the helm. The game has passed him by.


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                  Depends on who you are talking about...

                  deGrom should be staying put;

                  Thor, I would prefer to keep but how things have gone the last 2 seasons with him, you never know whether he's worth more to keep or to trade;

                  Cespedes is pretty much untradeable;

                  Rosario: I would need to see a very solid return on;

                  Nimmo is starting to look like a keeper;

                  Gsellman is a keeper;

                  Bruce/Frazier/Vargas: I would trade in a heartbeat, but doubt you would get any decent offers;

                  Most of the other guys are tradeable;

                  Does Nimmo suddenly make Conforto into our best trade chip?

                  Lugo, I would like to keep, but he also might be a good trading chip;

                  Asdrubal? Trade him while his value is up;

                  Familia? same as Asdrubal;


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                    Originally posted by saxon View Post
                    depends on who you are talking about...

                    Degrom should be staying put;
                    keep - the return would have to be ridiculous

                    thor, i would prefer to keep but how things have gone the last 2 seasons with him, you never know whether he's worth more to keep or to trade;

                    cespedes is pretty much untradeable;
                    disagree (though unsure what trade clause in contract might be). I think if healthy going into 7/31, teams would line up to pick him up.

                    rosario: I would need to see a very solid return on;
                    young core - no reason to trade him

                    nimmo is starting to look like a keeper;

                    gsellman is a keeper;
                    young and controllable, even if not potential for elite.

                    bruce/frazier/vargas: I would trade in a heartbeat, but doubt you would get any decent offers;
                    definitely - not sure if anyone will come knocking on those doors though...

                    most of the other guys are tradeable;
                    biggest name on my list is cabrera, he's definitely movable, and i try to do it sooner than later now that if options are getting healthy again. Mesoraco as well if we can find a taker.
                    I'd also consider wheeler if he's having a solid season. Maybe someone overpays for pitching help. 2 years control following this year.

                    does nimmo suddenly make conforto into our best trade chip?
                    but why? He has potential to be tnt, why trade that young and controllable talent away? To me there's barely a return that makes that type of trade a smart one.

                    lugo, i would like to keep, but he also might be a good trading chip;
                    same as gsellman, young and controllable, and performing but still a lower tier unsexy name. I don't see the return being hefty enough to make it worth while.

                    asdrubal? Trade him while his value is up;

                    familia? Same as asdrubal;

                    fang in red


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                      in regards to Conforto: we have 4 starting OFers in a non-DH league...prefer to keep Conforto & Nimmo, and trade Bruce but I don't see that as very likely...and whether we like it or not, if healthy, Conforto is the only guy in the Mets system that could draw anywhere near the talent in return, other than deGrom/Thor...

                      As far as Lugo...he is doing great at the moment, but he's still got a torn elbow ligament that could fully go at any time...


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                            The thought of trading for Machado this season is several levels below stupidity.

                            Let's see, there it idiocy, imbecility and moronicy. And then there is trading for Machado. He is a free agent at the end of the year. So let's dump every valuable asset we have on the pipe dream that Machado will turn this kidney stone of a season into what, a wild card berth? And then he leaves as a free agent. And we ain't got crap.

                            This blog post suggest that we could get him for a package centered around Mets prospect Justin Dunn. Yep, that 5.00 ERA at St. Lucie in 2017 screams "Machado worthy".

                            Just because you have a blog doesn't mean that every single mental spasm that your brain misfires has to be posted.

                            Thankfully, I have taken care to avoid offending here, as I was quite careful to place idiots, imbeciles and morons above this.

                            Damn, I'm spicy today. Well, it was one of those days at work.


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                              Conforto is the only guy in the Mets system that could draw anywhere near the talent in return
                              MC still has 3 more seasons to rebuild his value, now would be a low return and a mistake
                              Last edited by yogi8; 20-Jun-2018, 08:07 PM.