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2021 General Manager - Is It Jared Porter for Four Years!

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    Originally posted by West Coast Mets Fan View Post

    I guess they didn't learn from past mistakes.
    So many people have asked "why would a high profile GM candidate want to work under Sandy Alderson"? This might just be a product of that. None of the big names are interested, and that leaves us with new to the market type guys...


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      Originally posted by NY FANG View Post

      So many people have asked, "why would a high profile GM candidate want to work under Sandy Alderson"? This might just be a product of that. None of the big names are interested, and that leaves us with new to the market type guys...
      I get that, but wouldn't it be better to pick an assistant GM and promote him rather than pick a guy with absolutely no front office experience?


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        ah, I see what you're saying. perhaps


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          Or, is someone like Young a placeholder until Epstein gets done with his yearlong "vacation"? As for Young's lack of GM experience, for at least the 1st year, Sandy is 100% in charge anyway.

          Another thought - It seems that having Sandy on board was a very big factor in getting Cohen approved. It would be a terrible look to immediately sideline Sandy a month later. At 72 years old, Sandy is here to help Cohen get up to speed, especially with the housecleaning of all the Wilpon people. He's not here long term. Sandy will likely "step aside" into some sort of senior advisor role in a year or two. At that point, an desirable exec who isn't interested in a GM role would happily take a POBO role. Some exec's contracts over that time, making them available. Also, some people who are not allowed to interview for a lateral move (GM) will be allowed to interview for a "promotion" (POBO).


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            But with that logic, why bring someone like Chris Young in to bide the time? Why not just have Ricco do it?


            • saxon
              saxon commented
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              I think Ricco is more of a financial number chruncher than a personality guy. A better idea guy than a mouth piece guy

            • NY FANG
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              But why bring in someone from outside for a stop gap? It's an undesirable position if you can't keep it.

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            Everyone has glowing assessments for Ricco yet he is never considered for a more important role in the organization. I wonder what is up with that.


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              Apparently nobody wants any of the Mets front office positions


              • West Coast Mets Fan
                West Coast Mets Fan commented
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                Word is some are scared off by Cohen's lofty goal of winning the World Series in 3-5 years.

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                love the reply!

                What GM doesn't have a goal for a WS in the next 3-5 years. In that window, just about every prospect will have panned out or not, all except the most recent and longest contracts will have expired. 5 years is an eternity in the rise and fall of sports teams. So if that scares you off as a GM, I agree. Who wants them?


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                  The sheer stupidity of this.

                  It's "scary"???? Like "monsters under the bed" scary? Like "having your blind date's glass eye fall out" scary? (hey, if both eyes were glass, she would be a real blind date). Like "having your parachute get tangled up" scary?

                  Fully agree with Cohen - Thanks for letting me know your "fears". Let me make your life less scary by removing you from the list of prospective candidates.

                  You have a team with a good young base, only one albatross contract, and a new owner who is looking to spend money. Not just on players, but on analytics and scouting. How is this not an exciting scenario?

                  And if the expectations of winning a championship in 3-5 years is too daunting, just what time frame do they have in mind? If it's 20 years, then we need to get some scouts to kindergarten T-ball.


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                    Chris Young Withdraws From Mets’ GM Search

                    by Steve Adams
                    30 Nov 2020, 11:27 AM CDT

                    Former big league pitcher Chris Young, who interviewed last week for the Mets’ GM vacancy, has now withdrawn his name from consideration, Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports. Sherman suggests that Young was indeed intrigued by the position but prefers not to move his family from Dallas to New York at this time.

                    Young, 41, called it quits in 2017 after a 13-year career on the mound and quickly went to work for Major League Baseball. He was first appointed as the league’s vice president of on-field operations, initiatives and strategy, wherein he oversaw “the application of playing rules and regulations, on-field standards and discipline, pace of play and other special projects.” When MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre moved into an advisory role in early 2020, Young added “senior” to his title and took on a larger slate of responsibilities within the same realm.

                    There’s little clarity about the Mets’ ongoing front office search at this point. Young and former Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill were the two known candidates to have interviewed prior to today’s report. However, it’s not clear whether Hill was interviewing for the GM post or for the president of baseball operations vacancy that will now not be filled. Incoming president Sandy Alderson, who is returning after two years away from the team, indicated last week that he’d shifted gears and would now focus on hiring only a GM, rather than a president of baseball ops. New owner Steve Cohen acknowledged last week that he’s had some difficulty getting candidates in the door, as other clubs have denied permission to interview candidates from within their organizational ranks.

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                      none of this is to mention that how many GMs get fired for WS draughts when the team is a serious candidate each year? So the goal might be 3-5 years, but if you're team is constantly vying for 1st in the division, and playoffs are regular, then the job is likely safe. So again, whats scary about this?

                      The more time that goes by without any serious rumor I think may all just be posturing to not do a hire for this yea and get their house in order how they want it before adding another ego to the room.


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                        Saw an interesting take on Cohen's inability to get permission to interview candidates currently working for other teams. Or even a lot of cooperation. Cohen has come onto the scene with public knowledge that he plans on spending a nice amount on free agents. He has also said he is planning on spending to upgrade the scouting and analytics to the state of the art. He has guaranteed salaries for Mets employees and stadium workers, while other teams are cutting front office personnel (the Phillies are the latest example). And now he is looking for executive talent throughout the baseball ranks to put all this together.

                        Why would another team want to make it the slightest bit easier for Cohen to put together an upper tier team? He is the competition. Not just on the field, but for the hearts and minds of the fans, and for the eyes of the viewers. A good young base, the ability to be immediately active on the free agent market, and now you permission to assemble your front office? I wouldn't be quick to help him either.


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                          Interesting take. A few reasons off the top of my head:

                          1) Tradition. How have teams traditionally behaved when people in their organization are trying to make a vertical transition (as opposed to horizontal).
                          2) Future. If Cohen is truly planning on putting together a statistics growth machine, then you'll likely want to poach one of his guys in the future. How long will his memory be to these hardships out of the gate.
                          3) Internal impression. What will it do to your ability to hire in the future if you get the reputation of not allowing your staffers to leave when a promising opportunity arises. You can see bad moral inside your organization from this.

                          Not sure if any of these are significant concerns, and in the real world, they may not move the needle at all, but off the top of my head, that is how I'd answer the "why" MJJM posed.

                          For people who are already GMs, I totally understand a team saying "we invested a lot of money into your vision, and now you're looking to bail? We can't allow that". But for assistants, that rational doesn't hold water IMO, and it's purely to stand in Cohen's way as you pointed out.

                          The question I'll ask (that I don't expect anyone to have an answer to) is how deep does the obstruction run? We obviously see the GM as it is the most public search. But in the search for analytic guys, is he running into the same obstacles? Curious.
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                            Originally posted by NY FANG View Post
                            The question I'll ask (that I don't expect anyone to have an answer to) is how deep does the obstruction run? We obviously see the GM as it is the most public search. But in the search for analytic guys, is he running into the same obstacles? Curious.
                            Good counterpoints.

                            I would think that the analytics guys are under the radar, whether hired, interviewed or refused permission to speak to. I really can't name a single one. Any front office names that I might recognize are probably the same ones who would need permission to interview. I don't think the "rank and file" guys would have the same restrictive contract language either. As you pointed out, GMs or POBOs are hired for their multi-year vision. These hires may have been moving along at a normal pace, just not reported or noticed.

                            Finally, a "kiss my @$$" to Sherman from the Post (wow mj, really tricky the way you camouflaged the "naughty" word there.) His article about how the delay in the Mets FO hires is a "blemish" on Cohen is the height of stupidity. What is your thought pattern? "Wow, I haven't written anything negative about the Mets lately, and I have limited intellect, so here goes..." Jackass!!! (saving you guys the trouble of deciphering my complicated code for naughty words)


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