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  • Onto the 2nd disc of the Zeppelin BBC. Again, great stuff.

    I don't have a lot of stuff in my library similar to the Winter Stories album. Most of the piano led stuff is either more mainstream jazz, older stuff, or mostly as part of a larger group. I'll poke through and see if I can name a few.


    • Well, per the Shout box, I better give the group an update on the famed StarkRayvenMad acoustic trio here in Eastern NC.

      We've basically got a residency booked at an Irish Pub in Raleigh (actually two locations in the suburbs, Apex and Cary), Doherty's. Fantastic food, and we play at their two spots once per month. Also playing semi-regularly during the summer at various locations on the coast, mostly private parties. Recently added a new location in my hometown, seats about 100 or so, but we have a lot of friends and family here so we pack it out pretty well.

      Just celebrated our 100th public gig a couple of gigs ago, counting parties and other private functions, we are over 200 now.

      I'm still a slightly above novice bass player, I wish I could just focus on the instrument and not worry about anything else, but those pesky envelopes with requests for payment keep coming to my mailbox, so I have to keep doing this "work" thing.

      We've added some really intriguing stuff, fun to play. Interesting things like the Police "Wrapped Around Your Finger" along with some Steely Dan (Peg and Hey 19). Interesting jazzy rock that are challenging to play with only acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass, and two voices.

      The problem is, what people like is crap. Here we are slaving over intricate chords and time signature changes that warp the mind sometimes, and all folks want to hear is "Tennessee Whiskey" and "Drink a Beer". Total three chord garbage. Seriously, I sleepwalk through That Chris Stapleton Whiskey junk. Boring, repetitive trash.

      Gets good tips, though, so we play what we must.

      Last gig we had was in Apex. It's a suburb of Raleigh, and it was at the previously mentioned Irish Pub we play at regularly. Going through our set list and killing it, getting decent response and having a good time. Midway through, dude comes up with a request, a song we don't do, as it's about as country as it gets. Ray (lead singer and rhythm guitar) is anti country as there is, and it's not Art's (lead guitar) cup of tea. I can take it or leave it, depending on what it is.

      Anyway, patron is asking for Garth Brooks. We don't do Garth freaking Brooks. Just not our style whatsoever. Dude asks about ten times, we keep declining, we don't do country.

      He breaks out two twenties and puts them in the tip jar.

      "Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots..."


      • Originally posted by Brian Stark View Post
        "Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots..."
        :mflood: LMFAO!!!! You had me laughing so hard my wife thought I was having a seizure.

        Be really interested in hearing the new jazzier stuff.


        • I'm really pleased with our rendition of "Wrapped Around Your Finger".

          It does not sound like much, but believe me, it's more intricate than it sounds on the recording.


          • WC - just finished listening through the 2 album disc from the band "If". Very pleasantly surprised, really good stuff. Had never heard them or even heard of them before. Thanks.


            • Glad you are enjoying If. I came across this guy Vincent Ingala on Sirius XM looked for him on YouTube and came across this song with Peter White, best known for playing with Al Stewart. This is a great song.


              • Things have been rough both at home and at work so I haven't delved into your list yet.


                • Here is Vincent playing guitar, too popish for me but shows he is talented beyond just the sax!


                  • The kid has a gift. Especially mastering two very different instruments.

                    First track made my wife pause what she was doing to comment that she really liked it.


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                      He can play drums too. From Wikipedia:

                      Ingala's most recent album, released in 2018, is Personal Touch.[9] This is his first release on the Shanachie label. Ingala performed all instruments for all 10 tracks on the album, and wrote all but 2 of them.

                  • Listened to the Santana - Shape Shifter album several times. Very good. Easily his best of that period in his career. No guest vocalists, just some great music.

                    Also, started working my way through the Jeff Healey albums. Listened to his first one today - See The Light. He was new to me, really liking what I am hearing. I'll give this one another spin shortly, then move on to some of his others. Thanks for the tunes WC.


                    • Glad you enjoyed it. My life is in the crapper at the moment with both work life and home life upside down, so I have only gotten to a couple from your collection. When I am not dealing with stuff I have not been up to doing much.


                      • I heard this on Pandora which led to buying two albums of his. I actually have not received them yet but listened to both on YouTube. Both are really good; "Passages" "and Golden Soul" Mostly soft jazz


                        But I came across this at the gym this morning:


                        I immediately bought the album. The singer has an amazing voice. Great cover of one of my favorite songs.


                        • So I have listened to Lao Tizer various albums on YouTube and other sources and I really like this guy. I have now added two more of his albums to my collection, I now have:
                          • Golden Soul
                          • Diversity
                          • Passages
                          • Downbeat
                          • Songs from the Swing House

                          In addition, I bought tickets to see him in May at a Jazz club in Seal Beach CA that seats only 94 people. I am stoked for that one!


                          • Click image for larger version  Name:	01 Seat Plan.JPG Views:	0 Size:	83.7 KB ID:	10163

                            This is the seating plan for Spaghettini's where I will see the Lao Tizer Band in May. I have the grayed out table M9. I wanted M1 or M3 but my wife did not want to be so close to the stage


                            • This came out while I was in high school, Different than anything we were listening to at the time. Still cool as hell.

                              Rest in peace Manu.


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