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  • If you like Piano Guys, you should try Vitamin String Quartet


    • Originally posted by witchit View Post
      If you like Piano Guys, you should try Vitamin String Quartet
      Very nice witchit!!!

      I've gone through several of their tunes on YouTube. My favorite so far...


      • Here's one in the same genre back at ya. Hope you like it.


        • First time I have seen that these two great blues on the same stage


          • I have been inexcusably neglectful of this thread, and hereby sentence myself to anything with an autotuned singer. Wait, that's far too harsh.

            Nice clip above WC. Would have been cool to be in the audience for it. Didn't realize that Montoya played a RH guitar flipped upside down (a la Hendrix). I found this part really interesting - During Ellis' solo, Montoya is watching his hands.

            Catching up on a bunch of listening...

            The last Corey Stevens album was very good.

            Went through 3 later period Pat Benatar albums (one of my very favorite female rockers)...
            -Seven The Hard Way - blah - mid-80's pop
            -Wide Awake In Dreamland - later 80's, better, but no prize
            -Innamorrata - late 90's - Wow, very much enjoyed this. Stopped trying to be "current" and just sung her butt off. Recommended.

            Listened to the 3 Ziggy Marley albums you sent. While reggae isn't on my playlist normally, it was a good change of pace. Pleasantly surprised. Still reggae, but didn't sound dated. Could definitely see the progression of his songwriting. Enjoyed it. My most interesting "reggae experience". As I have said before, besides my regular M-F job, I worked in local NYC bars on the weekend. For one summer, I worked in a reggae club on the Bowery, about a block and a half from CBGB's. Not normally the area I worked (from the Lower East Side, what is now called Alphabet City - east of 1st Av.). Music was good, enjoyed it. One night, about 2AM, there are a couple of guys sitting on the furthest table back, in a little nook. They have a kilo of grass spread out on the table, cleaning it. Just all over the table. "Fellas, you can't do that here". "You worry too much man". Got the head of security. "They're cool, friends of the owner". My last day there.

            Got a pair of albums from bluesman Michael Burks from his later releases. New to me. Good solid blues. Nice solid blues guitar, no pyrotechnics, but good playing.

            Best Of Buffalo Springfield - the song "For What It's Worth" is an absolute classic. The rest of the tracks on a "best of" album explains why this is the only one by them in my library.

            Went through a bunch of late 70's, and 80's Clapton. Had this been the first Clapton I have ever heard, I would not likely have been as big a fan, at all. But prime period Clapton, or even recent Clapton earned any of his albums a listen. I'm guessing that, as he aged and mellowed, I aged along with him, so his stuff still resonated.

            So I had finally worked my way through the massive bunch of late 50's - early 60's jazz I had picked up very cheaply (about 50 box sets). While I am a very big jazz fan, I am not focused on any particular era, I like what I like, and appreciate the differences between time periods and different artists. I listen to it fairly constantly in the house. I liked the immersion in that era, it was a transitional phase in jazz, and set the stage for most of the jazz that I like best. So anyway, once again, Half Price Books came out with their 40-50% odd coupon sale. And then, we did the Round Rock road trip, meaning that there was two of their stores that I don't get to browse through. Ended up picking up 11 more box sets of the series each containing 6 to 8 albums, for an average price of $4-$5. I am now having to order another CD rack. My very patient wife (it is my only "vice") has sweetly told me - "you know this is the last CD rack unless we are moving to a bigger house".

            WC - just curious. Did you have a chance to go through any of the stuff I sent you? I know there was a lot there that isn't your style, but wanted to know if you found any cool stuff in there.


            • Hey mjjm, I have listened to a couple of Bonamassa and Buddy Guy albums. I haven't been able to get to more because my life is upside down. Finances and my job in the toilet, marriage strained to due to both. I have been spending a lot of time working on clients on the side or looking for a new job; not much time for anything else. Too much toil and not enough joy.


              • Hang in there brother, if life was easy, anybody could do it. Keep the faith and look for the small bright moments in each day. Things will turn, they always do.


                • Originally posted by mjjm367 View Post
                  Hang in there brother, if life was easy, anybody could do it. Keep the faith and look for the small bright moments in each day. Things will turn, they always do.
                  hanging! why didn't I think of that?


                  • Originally posted by West Coast Mets Fan View Post

                    hanging! why didn't I think of that?

                    Always the optimist, aren't you.

                    Reminds me of a line from one of the greatest movies ever, Blazing Saddles...

                    "Brother, they said you was hung??!!"

                    "They was right."


                    • This is a cut from an album titled "Africa Speaks" released by Santana this week. He has the entire album on YouTube. I am not impressed. This cut is the best one there. mjjm with your eclectic taste in music you might like it.

                      Click image for larger version

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                      • West Coast Mets Fan
                        Editing a comment
                        This CD was part of my father's day present from my son. I gave it a spin on my way back home. This could be a great album if they ditched the vocals and made it an instrumental album. Most often it feels like Buika is singing to a different melody than the band is playing. This CD may end up being a one-spin wonder.

                    • Now this was a good find!


                      • I heard this for the first time on the way to work the other day on SiriusXM. Great song!