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    Maybe we should change the name of this thread to "Please help the Tech Impaired", a/k/a mjjm. Think of it as a GoFundMe page, except it doesn't ask for money, just advice. Thanks to all of you for your patience in this. OK, here goes, next question of what may be the glaringly obvious.

    My current browser is Windows Edge, version 44. Yes, I know, Windows browsers are from the Jurassic Era (the raptors use it in the movies), but it is what I am comfortable with and it suits all my needs. I'm long past the breaking point with ads, but I finally have time to deal with it.

    I see that AdBlock has a browser extension for Edge (I really want to stay with Edge, I use Google as a search engine). There also seems to be an AdBlock Plus. Or are they one and the same? Anyone have any knowledge to share on this please? It would be nice if it does have a "whitelist" feature, as there is the extremely rare site I would be willing to put up with ads for in order to support (MLBTR is the only one currently). I normally would download anything like this through Cnet. Our former regional IT guy said that it is a reliable, safe source (my "hey, can I ask you a question" guy, with infinite patience, who has moved on.)

    Thanks again - mjjm


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      so...I am guessing that Edge version 44 is the older version of Edge? Not the newer Chromium based Edge? Personally I like both the older version and the newer version that looks similar to also Brave is a good browser...personally, I only use Chrome when something doesn't work right on Brave or the new version of Edge


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        I normally keep up with any updates, so I am assuming that I am "current" on my browser. Here is the exact version of Edge that I have - Microsoft Edge 44.17763.831.0. For what it's worth, Windows 10 recently pushed out an update, but I have my current issue before and after the update.

        Here is where ads are killing me (I'm assuming it's adware). Unless I'm reading about sports, I am normally involved in my music collection, frequently researching older recordings. I normally have a tab open to and/or, or more likely, both. The longer the tab is open, the more system resources it takes up. Allmusic is the worst offender, if I have several tabs of it open (an artists discography, and several specific albums), it takes up so much resources (specifically memory) that it bring my computer to a standstill. Discogs also eats memory, but not as badly, also increasing the longer a tab is open. I am assuming that the open tab is adding more & more advertising. I have 8 GB of RAM, which should be more than enough. I also have Webroot (virus protection & firewall) active on my system.

        It has gotten bad enough that I have Task Manager open anytime I am doing extended research. Again, only seems to happen if I have multiple tabs open at once. I'm not sure if AdBlock will help, but it seems worth a try (side effect, ads are a royal PITA anyway). Just wondering if anyone has an experience with the product.

        Edit (12:42): I started writing this post, and had to stop for a bit to take a phone call. Then I returned to finish the post. By that point, a Discogs tab had "grown" to be using 3090 MB of memory. By comparison, this site is currently using 230 MB. I just reopened the exact same Discogs tab and it started out using 344 MB of memory. If I watch the utilization of system resources, it incrementally, but constantly consumes more memory. By the time I got to here in the typing, it is up to 530 MB and still climbing.

        Edit (12:57): Tab now consuming 1523 MB of memory & still growing. So if I leave the tab open, and get sidetracked, eventually, it will max out my memory. Don't know if it is just these 2 sites, the only other tab I might have open for an extended period is Mets Global (no advertising) or MLBTR (minimal advertising). Doesn't happen on either of those sites.

        Edit (1:02): Now at 1790 MB.
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        • NY FANG
          NY FANG commented
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          my Chrome is using 1,120 MB currently. I have this site opened on incognito (work hours) and my other tabs opened to gmail and my corporate bank login. Chrome is by far my most memory intensive program, which isn't rate. In total, I'm using 53% of my memory. I don't have advise on the adblocker as I don't use one. I understand Edge is supposed to be a bit lighter than Chrome is nowadays, but I'm Chrome loyal as I haven't had issues. If it aint broke... (Used to be a firefox guy and Netscape before them. Never IE)

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        didn't know that you can tell what each site is using for memory...I have task manager open, it shows that I have 11 tabs of Chrome (using 360.7 MB of memory) and 11 tabs of Brave (using 139.1 MB of memory)...and it shows what each tab is using, however it doesn't say what tab belongs to what site...and I don't understand the 22 tabs either, since I currently have on Chrome: this site and verizonwireless; on Brave: bestbuy and a new tab...

        by the way, by default, Brave disables if you are on a site that detects an adblocker, they may make me "white list" them, which means, make their ads exempt from being is showing that Brave has blocked: 12, 344 ads and trackers


        • saxon
          saxon commented
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          by the way, only reason why I have chrome open is because I wanted to log onto my verizon account because I am thinking of buying a new phone...verizon is one of the sites that makes me answer a bunch of security questions if they don't recognize my browser history and apparently I had never signed onto verizon thru my brave browser on my laptop, just on my desktop...

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        Originally posted by saxon View Post
        didn't know that you can tell what each site is using for memory...I have task manager open, it shows that I have 11 tabs of Chrome (using 360.7 MB of memory) and 11 tabs of Brave (using 139.1 MB of memory)...and it shows what each tab is using, however it doesn't say what tab belongs to what site...and I don't understand the 22 tabs either, since I currently have on Chrome: this site and verizonwireless

        Where you see Chrome in task manager, there should be the ">" symbol to its immediate left. Clicking on it will expand it and show the various tabs. I just opened Chrome, not to any particular site, just a new tab. It is showing 9 tabs, all of which say Google Chrome. Internet Explorer shows 8 tabs, this site and 7 system tabs, none of which seem to take up any real resources.

        So I just opened the Discogs site as the only tab in Chrome. It now shows 22 open tabs, almost all of which are initially using negligible resources. I sat and watched it for a while, and it gradually increased to 900 MB. Unlike Internet Explorer, Chrome doesn't label all of the sub-tabs, they are all just called Google Chrome. However, I notice that certain ones are slowly but surely (Stop calling me Shirley!) increasing. Since the call on resources that the actual Discogs page hasn't changed, I'm assuming that it's draw on resources should remain static. The only other explanation I can come up with is adware. Chrome up to using 1100 MB now, so it isn't faring any better.

        I will wait a day or so before installing AdBlock, in case any with more knowledge than me can weigh in with info on it. Then I will give it a try and hope for the best. Is that the computer equivalent of "Hold my beer and watch this!"?


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          OK, so I just finished cutting the cable cord. Then signed up for Amazon Prime (one month of savings from cable just paid for an entire year of Amazon Prime). Got Prime set up on the main TV. Discovered that one of the other TVs comes pre-loaded with apps, and you can't add any others. Of course, Prime isn't one of them.

          Which leads to my next question. Anybody have any experience with an Amazon Fire Stick? Or is there another way to be able to watch Prime on the smart TV?


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            firestick works well, is easy to use and pretty intuitive - well intuitive for me... you may struggle based on this thread

            How old is the smart TV that it doesn't allow you to download any new apps? What platform is it on?


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              LMFAO!!!!!! Well played Fang!

              The smart TV is a 38" Element TV. We got it about 3 years ago at a door buster Black Friday deal for $99. Strange thing is that it comes preloaded with Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and Vudu. It just doesn't let you add any apps. Picture is great, no complaints with it.

              We've figured out a different solution. Last month, our original bedroom flat screen finally crapped out after about 12 years (it predates smart TVs). So we were shopping for another TV anyway. We just going to move the Element TV to the very rarely used spare bedroom and make sure the replacement TV can get all the apps we need.

              Fang - really appreciate all the advice here. I'm a strong believer that the best way to learn something new is to ask questions. Thanks for your patience.


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                easy enough - strange on the element tv - but it is what is is.

                I think the roku stick I bought my mother in law so she could watch content off my server was only like 20-30 bucks and it works great. This looks like the updated version of that.


                Only things I dislike about the roku are superficial at worst... the remote has preset bottons, most of which I don't have service for (SLING, NOW, HULU), and they can't be reprogrammed as "favorites" for things i actually do use (like PLEX). Also, the remote is infrared and not bluetooth which means you need line of sight. Again, neither of these are deal breakers, and the platform and app selection from what I've seen is solid.

                I would in the end say the Amazon remote is the winner for me. Otherwise, both can play prime streaming without issue.


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                  Cool, thanks for the info. We will go with the Amazon if we decide we need more access on the Element TV.


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                    MLB.TV have announced a partial refund policy for the 2020 season. If you auto-renewed at $121.99 you will get it at the prorated price of $45 and get the difference as either credit for next season (if you do nothing) or you can apply for a partial refund.

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                      The new price is something like $59.99...however, if you were a customer and cancelled because of the pandemic, they sent an email for about a $15 discount (I believe $43.99?)


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               has the prices at $59.99 for all the teams or $49.99 for just one team.



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                          Originally posted by saxon View Post
                          The new price is something like $59.99...however, if you were a customer and cancelled because of the pandemic, they sent an email for about a $15 discount (I believe $43.99?)
                          It's $45.18, it's exactly prorated from the original $121.99 so 121.99/162 x 60 = 45.18.


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                            To all who helped with my questions, a very big thank you. Easy & loved the interface.


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